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I was in the market for a newer vehicle, and I am partial to Hondas. After searching Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, AutoTrader, and a host of other sites, I came across a link for Alabama CarLand. Not being familiar with them, I did some research and found out that ACL is an offshoot of Versatile Collection, a car dealership in Alpharetta, GA.

When the time came to actually buy a vehicle, I went by ACL, looked at a few Hondas, and test drove a metallic blue 2016 Civic. But, I never jump on the first thing that I come across. I went to several other locations and did test drives, as well as continuing to look at Carvana and Vroom, because their stock rotates daily. Almost a week and dozens of test drives later, I went back to ACL.

Now, I do honest reviews, so, I will say this: I was hesitant to buy from them at first? Why? Their lot is fairly small, the building is very basic, and the place gave off the "vibe" of a typical, cheap used car lot that many people dread going to. I will be the first to admit that I was WRONG to have that initial impression. Appearances can be deceiving! ACL is just getting started here in Birmingham, AL. They are actually looking to move to a much bigger lot / building, but, they had to make their startup foothold somewhere.

Every single step of the way, Harris and Shaikh were very polite, never pressured me, and patiently answered any and all questions that I had about the vehicles. They were upfront about their pricing, fees, and where they get their vehicles from (many are lease auctions). Carfax reports are provided free of charge, and they will allow you to inspect and/or have inspected, any vehicle you are interested in.

Their prices are so much lower than any other dealership or car lot. Why? They buy them at auctions, detail the cars, and then price them to sell quickly while turning some profit. The Civic that I bought was priced $1,500 less than any other place that I looked at, all else being equal in terms of year, style, approximate mileage, etc. That was huge savings!

If you are in the market for a nice, clean, previously owned vehicle / lease auction with low mileage, do not hesitate to go by ACL! That was the smoothest, easiest, most professional car buying experience that I have ever had. To top it off, Vernessa will guide you through the paperwork and carefully explain what everything is, never once seeming to be impatient if you choose to read every single letter before you sign! I HIGHLY recommend ACL if you are in the market for a newer vehicle.

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